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Please read the important lodging policy information below!


When Registering for The Road to Cooperstown Event please understand that we require all attendees book their lodging with Approved Hotels either online or by telephone with our Housing Partner, Sarec Sports Travel for the Tournament. When visitng Cooperstown tprior to the tournament teams are exempt from the Stay N Play Policy. Please understand we have secured specially discounted rates with the top hotels in the area.  Our Travel Partner is licensed and bonded which provides reward points and additional incentives to tournament teams as part of our hotel contracts.

All teams traveling that book their rooms through this web site will receive specially discounted rates that are lower than you can obtain directly through the respective hotel websites.

Our travel partner will assist in setting up your Group block and then provide you with instructions for your parents to reserve their individual rooms under the team block. Any reservations booked through an outside third party provider (i.e., Expedia, Hotwire, etc.), booked directly, or through any other method other than our travel partner will result in paying a higher room rate, unless perhaps paying up front and this  will not provide Organization/team credits which are manatory. "Booking Around" will result in the team paying a surcharge or removed from the Event.

Our Goal is to ensure the proper experience for traveling teams and our coordination with our lodging partners for room inventory control/management. Our travel partner is a major sponsor which provides a professional service thus enabling us to continue providing low team entry fees. Champions has NOT raised tournament fees in seven years. 

Teams within a 75 mile drive radius that choose to commute to the complex each day is exempt from this lodging policy. However, if you plan to stay overnight, you are required to book your lodging through our travel partner. If you live within the 75 mile radius and you book outside our contracted hotels you will be assessed the surcharge. Also, Your team may qualify for a further discount by booking additional travel through our travel partner.


If your team desires to stay outside of the Hotel Group (i.e. campgrounds, RV parks, with relatives, etc.), or otherwise do not wish to book through our stated procedures (i.e. using rewards points, discount clubs, hotels outside the Hotel Group, etc.) then you have decided  to make an Alternative Lodging arrangements. However, please note, because of the considerations listed above, and because our revenue share with our lodging partners has been factored in and discounted from the tournament entry fees, any traveling teams that request alternative lodging will incur a lodging surcharge.


The 2019-2020 seasons  surcharge is $1000 When incurring the surcharge the fee will be added to your team entry fee and must be paid with your team’s final balance payment.



  • Complete the Hotel Reservation Process. One of our staff members will assist with your team block and then provide you with instructions for your parents to reserve their individual rooms under your new team block. OR…

  • You are a local team. Your team is within a 75 mile drive radius to the tournament and you are planning on commuting back and forth to the park. Lodging is not necessary. If this is the case email us with your request and we will respond within 24 hours.

For additional information or questions: please contact us at (888) 318-1376 or email us at