• Players may not turn 13 before May 1, 2020.

• Teams must have a minimum roster size of 11 players and 2 coaches.

• 6 inning games - 12 run mercy rule after 4 complete innings.

• 50 foot pitching distance & 70 foot bases - 225 foot fences

• Base runners are allowed to lead off.

• No use of Designated Hitter.

• No one player in a game can assume more than one offensive position.

• Extra Hitter (EH) - (coach’s discretion: 0, 1, 2 or 3) – If using an extra hitter(s), you may use one, two or three players. The extra hitter(s) MUST hit in the TENTH, ELEVENTH and TWELFTH POSITION. Only one (1) player may occupy each

EH position per game. You may remove your EH(s) for the duration of the game at any time prior to their at-bat, without penalty. You must notify the plate umpire prior to removal. Extra Hitters must be announced prior to the start of the game; no mid-game entry is permitted.

• The current batting line up can be rotated in the field defensively after the completion of the first defensive inning.

• Only players on the team’s official roster will be allowed to participate in scheduled games.

• Prior to each game field umpires will review the rules and official line up cards with both head coaches. The home team book is the official game book.

• Re-entry rule: Starters may re-enter in the same offensive spot once. Substitutes cannot re-enter the game once they have been removed.

• Exception: Whenever a ninth player is needed (due to injury or otherwise) and all legal substitutions have been used, removed substitutes can re-enter the game in a different offensive position. In this event, EHs must remain in their current position in the batting order, but can enter the game in a defensive position. This change must be announced to the opposing team and to the plate umpire at the time of injury.

• Any pitcher can re-enter as pitcher as long as he/she stays in the game defensively. Once removed from the game, the pitcher can re-enter the game defensively, but not as a pitcher.

• No pitching restrictions (coach’s discretion).

• Balks will be called following Major League rules. There will be one warning per pitcher per game, until the single elimination tournament begins on Wednesday. The warning will be an immediate dead ball. All balk calls after the warning will be delayed dead balls.

• Courtesy runner - A courtesy runner can be used for the CATCHER and PITCHER of RECORD ONLY at any time. This is not a substitution and is optional. Courtesy runners cannot be in the current lineup.

• Must slide/avoid contact rule. A player must slide or attempt to avoid contact on all close plays (umpire discretion).

• Headfirst sliding is permitted only into first, second, or third base. Headfirst sliding IS NOT allowed into home plate.

• A batter is not allowed to "slash bunt". A batter that fakes a bunt and then takes a full swing will be out, the ball will be dead and no runners may advance.

• Home Runs are considered a dead ball and not subject to appeal.



• Infield practice is not permitted on Fields at any time.

• Teams may begin pre-game warm-ups (long toss only) 15 minutes prior to game time.

• Team equipment or chairs are not permitted outside the dugouts.

• All areas within the fencelines of the fields are in play.

• ALL Pitchers MUST warm up outside of each field in the alley.

• In the event an umpire signals a rain delay, each team must remain in its designated dugout until otherwise notified by a Champions Event Director.

• Coaches, please remind your players to respect the upkeep of the baseball fields and replace all divots and refrain from digging cleats into the infield and outfield grass areas. Umpires will enforce this rule.



• Players must wear their Uniform with identifiable numbers on the back of their jersey.

• Coaches must wear team coaches shirts, NO Denin (Jeans) allowed. Shorts must be Khaki or Black.  


• NO jewelry-earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.

• Players must have jerseys tucked in at all times.

• Polo shirt must be tucked in.



• All teams must supply helmets, practice baseballs, bats, catching gear, pants and protective equipment.

• Teams provide their own bats for game play (no size or weight restrictions) (no modified or altered bats).

• Game balls are provided by Champions Events. All foul balls must be returned to the umpire or Ops. staff.

Teams can ship equipment prior to arrival. Shipping address: Champions Events LLC, 373 Spencer Street, Suite 101, Syracuse NY 13204. Please make sure you provide tracking information. Champions Events is not responsible for lost or delayed shipped equipment.



• Available at Legends Grill, 8am-5pm.



• Coaches will receive their game schedule at Check In.

• Pre-game: The grass practice fields behind field 2, field 4 and field 5 can be used for infield/outfield practice. Batting practice must be held using a team   supplied net. Coaches can schedule time on unoccupied fields by contacting the tournament staff by texting (315) 430-0154.

• Game time: Teams must be at their assigned field ready to play fifteen minutes before scheduled game time.


Coach’s and Player’s Code of Conduct

• Coaches and players are expected to comply with all Tournament Rules and Rules of Legends Fields.

• Sportsmanship: Promote good sportsmanship both on and off the field and encourage lifelong friendships.

• Any player or coach ejected from a game will be suspended from the following consecutive game.

• Any coach ejected a second time from a game will be removed from Legends Field premises for the remainder of the tournament and closing ceremonies and may not return as a spectator or parent.

• Coaches have the right, at any time, to call the UIC to a field for a rule interpretation. This does not include JUDGMENT CALLS made by the umpires. This action is to be taken in lieu of protests. In order to properly handle each UIC Call, play must be stopped and the UIC must be called BEFORE the next pitch. If the disputed call involves the last play of the game, the protesting team must appeal before the umpires leave the confines of the field.

Champions Events reserves the right, at any time to amend or change a rule at its discretion. The team Manager (1st) / Head Coach (2nd) is the only person eligible to discuss and/or change team information.